1800 Numbers

 Would you like a toll free inbound number with a smart range of in-built call management features?

Increase your call response with 1800 Numbers

If you want to boost your business profile as well as increasing your call response, a 1800 number is for you. With customers able to call you free of charge from any landline in Australia, your virtual number is a convenient, central point of contact.

Your Zintel 1800 number solution includes a complete range of answering, forwarding, routing and distribution features to manage your calls.


Transfer existing number

We take the hassle out of switching your number!

  • Free bill analysis on your current rates
  • Customised plan
  • Setup your call features
  • No porting, switching or setup fees

1800 Numbers at a glance

1800 numbers offer your customers the luxury of calling you free of charge from a landline, wherever you or they happen to be in Australia.

Perfect for the expanding business, these virtual and portable numbers can be carried with you across the country, and used in other states – or additional offices – with no extra charge or reconnection fee. Zintel’s wide-ranging call management features can turn your 1800 number into the ultimate telecommunication tool.

How can 1800 numbers help your business?

  • They provide greater flexibility and portability than a landline
  • They project a professional business image
  • Customers are able to call you free of charge from a landline
  • Direct calls to any mobile, landline or answering service of your choosing
  • They allow tailored, comprehensive solutions for managing your phone traffic

"Zintel goes well above
and beyond any level
of customer service
I've ever experienced -
and I've managed
customer service
teams for 6 years. "

Tobey Doctor,
Office Manager

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Did you know? Difference between 1800 and 1300 numbers

The main difference between a 1800 number and a 1300 number is how the call charges work for the caller. A call to a 1800 number made from a landline within Australia will be free for the caller, while a call to a 1300 number from a landline within Australia will cost approximately $0.40. Calls made to 1800 and 1300 numbers from mobiles will be charged to the caller at a rate determined by their mobile phone carrier.


Confused about what your business needs? Request a Concierge and get expert advice on the best type of number for your business.

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What you get


  • Choose from a large pool of available 1800 numbers for your business
  • Option to get a smart number or 1800 phone word which spells your business name or a related term
  • Included call minutes to both landlines and mobiles
  • 12 free standard features to help you manage your business calls


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What it costs

  • You own the number: You get to keep your number, even if you leave
  • Convenient: Switching from another provider is easy
  • Flexible: Enjoy month-to-month billing (no long-term commitment)
  • Risk free: No contract, no obligation

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Pricing and Packages

Zintel offers a wide range of call plans compatible with your 1800 number.
Our plans are easy to understand and simple without any surprises!

What are the key benefits of a 1800 number?

  • Toll free charges: Customers call you free of charge from any landline in Australia
  • Professional image: Make your business look bigger and raise its national profile
  • Stand out from the crowd: A virtual number sets you apart from your competitors
  • Be memorable: 1800 numbers are easier for your customers to remember
  • Revolutionise your phones: Build in a complete range of Zintel call management features
  • Select a number that suits: Choose from Zintel’s wide selection of available numbers
  • Add a phone name: Select an appealing phone word to optimise your 1800 number
  • Be mobile: Take your number with you if you move or add interstate offices
  • Streamline marketing campaigns: Use a suite of 1800 numbers for different ad campaigns
  • Total flexibility: Direct 1800 number to mobile or landline of your choice


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Choosing the right 1800 number for your business

  • Keep it simple: Select from a wide range of random numbers with call management options
  • Make it snappy: Add a phone word to your 1800 number for instant brand identity
  • Pattern your numbers: Choose 1800 number with neat numerical sequence eg 1800 488 488
  • Streamline ad campaigns: Use a suite of 1800 numbers with dedicated number for each campaign

Request a Concierge now to get expert advice on the best type of number for your business.

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The benefits of a 1800 phone name

  • Numbers and names are all truly memorable
  • Choose a name which reflects your product, service or trade
  • Boost your brand every time a customer calls your number
  • Turn your virtual number into a potent marketing tool
  • Customers call toll free from anywhere in Australia

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How can your business take advantage of a 1800 number phone name ?

  • No-one ever remembered Ray’s old mobile number printed on the side of his glazier’s van. A 1800 phone name has changed all that, with customers catching 1800 TOP GLASS even if they only get a glimpse as his van goes around the corner. Greater memorability and free calls have seen a significant increase in Ray’s call volume and customer base.
  • Matt always wanted to advertise on his local radio station but his phone number was impossible for listeners to remember without writing it down. Now his audience includes all those listeners stuck in traffic jams at peak hour with 1800 KING PLUMBER, instantly memorable without a notepad. Combined with Zintel’s call announce and voice-to-email, Matt has revolutionised his business practice.
  • Word of mouth referrals have doubled for Cynthia’s fresh flower business, with customers in her small country town flocking to her shop. She’s beaten the other two more established florists in town through clever marketing of her phone name: 1800 BLOOMS. Customers pass it on at community events and when chatting to friends, and they love being able to call such a memorable number free of charge.

Find out how your business can take advantage of a 1800 numbers. Get a Quote now and our team can show you how.

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Call Management features

Zintel’s 12 call management features will help you answer and route all your business
calls wherever you are – Office, Home or Travelling


Call Overflow

Prevents missed calls so you will never miss a customer or sales call again

Learn More



Respond quickly to key calls with voicemails recorded and emailed to you as audio files

Learn More


Call Forwarding

Answer your business calls on your mobile or landline wherever you are

Learn More


Call Announce

Tell your staff who is calling based on the number the caller has dialled

Learn More


State Routing

Send callers to the right place based on originating call's state and territory

Learn More


Online Data

View call activities that are logged including call date, time and duration

Learn More


Call Recording

Record your inbound calls and review them anytime to improve your business

Learn More


Time Routing

Maximise your resources by directing calls based on time of day

Learn More


Day Routing

Maximise your resources by directing calls based on the day of the week

Learn More


Customised Greeting

Give callers what they want. Let them select where they want to be routed

Learn More


Call Distribution

Optimise your call centres by splitting incoming calls based on rules you define

Learn More


Restricted Call Access

Protect your staff’s time by specifying which callers can reach your business

Learn More

Compare your options

Zintel offers a wide range of call plans compatible with your 1800 number. You can rest assured our plans are easy to understand and simple without any surprises!

Geoff's solution

A 1800 number has totally changed the way Geoff’s IT business operates. Use of a virtual number has widened his catchment area Australia-wide, and his call volumes have increased, with customers attracted by the toll free number. He’s now in the process of setting up a Brisbane office to complement his existing Sydney one, and he’s able to use the same 1800 number for both business premises.

Zintel’s state-of-the-art call management functions have given his company a truly professional appearance, with call, state, time and day routing combining with voice-to-email for a comprehensive phone solution.

"The no contract plans from Zintel is a great low cost and low risk way to trial the packages to ensure they are suitable."
Matt Walls, The Health Practitioner Business Training Institute

Here’s a look at how easy it can be

Call Forwarding
1.Choose a Number
(toll free/local)

A customer dials your
toll free or local
business number

2.Greet Caller

greets customers with a
tailored message

Route calls anywhere
3.Route Calls

Zintel routes your call - to
your mobile, your
voicemail, colleagues, etc.

Receive voicemail as Email
4.Receive Voicemail
as Email

We convert the
message to audio and
send it to your email 

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