Call Reporting

Gain insights into your business’s call activity

Enjoy the benefits of up-to-the-minute reports with your Zintel call reporting feature. Standard with every Zintel phone package, call reporting allows you to analyse your call activity and tailor your campaigns or staffing levels accordingly. Use this vital call data to help shape your future business direction.


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How call reporting can enhance your business and make you more efficient

  • Gain valuable insight into your business’s call activity
  • Generate reports based on day of month or hour of day
  • Review by month, region, zone, trend or answer point
  • Base your marketing campaigns on accurate figures
  • Evaluate call costs and capture missed leads

Reports Include:

  • Answer point summary
  • Day of month by hour of day
  • Overview by hour of day
  • Monthly inbound overview
  • Summary by region
  • Summary by region & zone
  • Monthly trending
  • Summary by line

Call Reporting in action

Adjust to demand.

Lara had no idea how to plan for her busiest times before trying Zintel’s call reporting.

She finds this an invaluable tool in drilling down into her call traffic and analysing her most demanding times of day and month.

Now she can provide more staffing resources on the days and months where demand is proven to be higher, ensuring she never misses essential business.

Boost your ad campaigns.

Sven no longer presides over lacklustre advertising campaigns. Use of Zintel’s call reporting means he can draw up precision campaigns which hit the mark every time in terms of target audience.

Analysis of Zintel phone reports arms him with vital call traffic info concerning day, month and region of customer calls – ensuring his promotions reach the right people at the right time.

Know your customer profile.

Carry’s task was to build up an accurate picture of customers and where they came from, allowing her to target company advertising more effectively.

Her customer profiling improved exponentially when she tried Zintel’s call reporting, which allowed her to generate comprehensive customer profiles based on analysis of time, day, month, region and zone of call. Sales figures soon reflected this greater accuracy.