Fax to Email

Use a single number for calls and faxes

Would you like your faxes to drop into your email? Try Zintel’s fax-to-email service and discover the convenience of having inbound faxes forwarded to your inbox so you can read them while you’re on the road. Accessed via mobile or laptop, this is an optional feature which needs activation – ask us how.


If you are looking for an internet fax service to send and receive faxes on your mobile or any device with email and internet access, then please consider an online fax service from eFax®.

How fax to email can enhance your business and make you more efficient

  • No hardware, software, landline or fax machine required
  • Save money on fax paper, ink cartridges and maintenance
  • Receive your faxes on the go via mobile, laptop or tablet
  • Save time and money by reducing your reliance on the office
  • Use a separate 1300 or 1800 number dedicated to your fax-to-email service

Fax to Email in action

Save time.

John started saving hours in his working week by accessing faxes via his smartphone rather than constantly having to drop back to the office or ring his secretary for fax updates.

Save money.

Julia made huge money savings when she reduced her reliance on the traditional fax in her office.

While still sending the occasional fax, the vast majority of her faxes were inbound, so Zintel’s fax-to-email service cut her spend on ink cartridges, paper, maintenance and repairs.

Increase your reach

Matthew travels far more extensively since using Zintel’s fax-to-email service.

Because he now has a virtual, cloud-based solution for inbound faxes, he can access his faxes anywhere and is free to meet his wider business and client needs.