Phone Words

Want to stand out and get ahead of the pack? A phone word is your answer.

Get the competitive edge with Phone Words

Zintel is the leader when it comes to securing the right smart number or phone word for your business. Your customers will love it, and research proves your business will love it even more!. 


Transfer existing number

We take the hassle out of switching your number!

  • Free bill analysis on your current rates
  • Customised plan
  • Setup your call features
  • No porting, switching or setup fees

Phone words at a glance

Phone words are in hot demand in Australia right now. You may know them as smart numbers or phone names, but they all mean the same thing – 13, 1300 or 1800 numbers followed by a word of your choice.

The great thing about Zintel’s phone words is the comprehensive call management features you can add to exploit the full potential of your smart number.

What are they?

  • Phone words are 13, 1300 or 1800 numbers followed by a word describing the business
  • The word is spelled out through the alphanumeric keypad on a mobile or landline handset
  • Phone words vary in price depending on how popular the word is
  • Phone words can have a memorable numeric pattern as well
  • Phone words are an excellent business marketing tool

"Having a smart 1300
number has provided a
central communication
point which is essential
to running our busy

Aaron Stubbs,
Hope Support
Services Pty Ltd

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Know the facts

  • Be remembered. Phone words are 5.5 times more memorable than standard numbers.
  • Increase call volume. More people call phone words and recommend them to others.
  • Be mobile. One glimpse of your van is enough to memorise your phone word.
  • Boost your brand. Phone words consistently identify your brand across offices, states and adverts.
  • Look professional. Phone words imply a business that is big, established and smart.


Understand all the facts and how they can benefit your business. Request a Concierge and get expert advice on all there is know about phone words.

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What you get

  • Choose from a large pool of available phone words starting with 13, 1300, or 1800 numbers
  • Zintel will ensure you own the smart number, and will never lease it back to you
  • Included call minutes to both local landlines and mobiles
  • 12 free standard features to help you manage your business calls


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Why choose Zintel?

  • 24/7 Australian-based fault service
  • Australian-based customer service
  • Add or remove services and features at any time
  • Zintel uses Tier 1 network services for maximum reliability
  • 24/7 access to the customer portal for account management and billing
  • No contracts, cancellation fees, set-up fees or porting fees


Get a Quote now and our team will be able to assist you with the right product for your business.

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What it costs?

What are the costs in securing a phone word?

Because phone words are highly sought after by companies, they are a more expensive form of phone number. They provide a terrific return on investment, however, because they are so easy for customers to remember and pass on to others. This provides an ongoing form of marketing, which builds your brand every time a customer rings the number. Cost depends on availability, popularity and memorability of the phone word requested. Zintel gives free and friendly advice to help you choose the best phone word for your business needs. 

Should you lease or buy a phone word?

Business owners are often confused about whether to lease or buy their phone word. At Zintel, we keep it simple, affordable and 100% transparent. Unlike other operators, we never buy the phone word ourselves and lease it to you at exorbitant prices. You get to own the number yourself, every time, free of charge.


What are the costs once you secure your phone word?

  • You own the number: You get to keep your number, even if you leave
  • Convenient: Switching from another provider is easy
  • Flexible: Enjoy month-to-month billing (no long-term commitment)
  • Risk free: No contract, no obligation 


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Pricing and Packages

Zintel offers a wide range of call plans compatible with your toll free number.
Our plans are easy to understand and simple without any surprises!

Why choose a phone word number?

  • Boost your brand every time a customer dials your phone word
  • phone word is up to 5.5 times more memorable than a number
  • Customise your phone word with a name unique to your business
  • Be recalled at a glance when you or your customers are on the move
  • Get increased word of mouth referrals from a snappy phone word
  • Use the same phone word across numerous locations
  • Bring consistency to multiple ad campaigns across different platforms
  • Let call reporting analyse your phone traffic by time and location
  • Power-pack your phone word with Zintel’s call management features
  • Improve Google rankings with a phone name doubling as a keyword


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Choosing the best phone word for your business

  • Find a punchy phone word which incorporates or abbreviates your business name
  • Choose a phone word based on your product, service, trade or industry
  • Add your phone word to a 1300, 1800 or 13 number along with call management features
  • Choose a phone word which suits your budget, with most popular words attracting highest charge
  • 13 phone words are premium numbers with government fees payable


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Michael's solution

Michael runs a medium-sized printing business with offices in both Melbourne  and Sydney. He uses a 1300 phone word which covers both offices, and ensures his customers can call him from anywhere in Australia for the cost of a local call. 1300 PRINT IT is highly memorable and easy for his clients to both remember and pass on to others.

His offices use the same customised greeting, with state-based routing to divert calls to the most suitable office. Call recording means he can monitor the way his staff members handle calls, and improve customer service where necessary.

Call Management features

Zintel’s 12 call management features will help you answer and route all your business
calls wherever you are – Office, Home or Travelling


Call Overflow

Prevents missed calls so you will never miss a customer or sales call again

Learn More



Respond quickly to key calls with voicemails recorded and emailed to you as audio files

Learn More


Call Forwarding

Answer your business calls on your mobile or landline wherever you are

Learn More


Call Announce

Tell your staff who is calling based on the number the caller has dialled

Learn More


State Routing

Send callers to the right place based on originating call's state and territory

Learn More


Online Data

View call activities that are logged including call date, time and duration

Learn More


Call Recording

Record your inbound calls and review them anytime to improve your business

Learn More


Time Routing

Maximise your resources by directing calls based on time of day

Learn More


Day Routing

Maximise your resources by directing calls based on the day of the week

Learn More


Customised Greeting

Give callers what they want. Let them select where they want to be routed

Learn More


Call Distribution

Optimise your call centres by splitting incoming calls based on rules you define

Learn More


Restricted Call Access

Protect your staff’s time by specifying which callers can reach your business

Learn More

Compare your options

Zintel offers a wide range of call plans compatible with your 1300 number. You can rest assured our plans are easy to understand and simple without any surprises!

"Our business needed the solution and Zintel provided exactly what I needed on time and saved my day. It gave us the opportunity to focus on our core business rather than worrying about technical matters."
Benjamin Juson, CyberOne. Ph, Inc.

Here’s a look at how easy it can be

Call Forwarding
1.Choose a Number
(toll free/local)

A customer dials your
toll free or local
business number

2.Greet Caller

greets customers with a
tailored message

Route calls anywhere
3.Route Calls

Zintel routes your call - to
your mobile, your
voicemail, colleagues, etc.

Receive voicemail as Email
4.Receive Voicemail
as Email

We convert the
message to audio and
send it to your email 

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