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The resource centre from Zintel provides helpful tips on how to save time and reduce expenses for all business types.

Choosing the Right Number

& Call Features For Your Business

Zintel offers a range of phone numbers to suit all business needs. Our toll-free numbers provide businesses with the services, support and dedication that only a tier one provider can deliver. Each number from Zintel provides businesses with a range of additional call features that improve productivity, enhance service and take the hassle out of managing calls on a daily basis.

Business Productivity Tips 

to Get Your Business Noticed

Every business owner wants their business to be efficient and productive. Zintel pride ourselves on helping business owners achieve their business goals. Our range of numbers and call features provide peace of mind and can help streamline and manage incoming calls, which can take up a lot of valuable time each day.

Additional Call Features

For Your Toll-Free Numbers

Each number Zintel provides comes with a range of additional call features. This service acts as a virtual receptionist, to help you manage your incoming calls, by routing them to particular phones or numbers at certain times of the day, or by converting voicemail messages to audio files and sending it directly to your email. These are just a couple of examples of what Zintel call management features can do to help your business.