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We have the answer to your problem

Challenges we know you face as a Start-up Business

The world doesn’t need to have your personal number.

We’ll give you a business number that you can direct to your mobile phone, which means you can work from anywhere, anytime. You’ll be able to differentiate between personal and business calls, and if you don’t want to get calls outside of hours we can help with that too.

I have a limited budget but want to be more efficient

Good news! You don’t need to pay for another phone line when you sign up with Zintel. We know how precious your budget is when you’re starting out so we’re here to help you save money and time. Our great value plans are hard to beat because they all offer no lock-in contracts, no hidden set up fees and no cancellation fees.

I really want to look professional…like a bigger business

An Zintel business number and our Zintel features will immediately make your business look bigger. This will help you project a more professional image and build credibility with new customers while you are still growing into your business vision. It tells customers that you’re serious about your business.

Zintel Solutions

Multiple Numbers for each Location

Call Analytics for Data & Insights

State Routing for managing multiple locations

IVR for getting the right calls to the right people

Easy move up and down plans without penalty for the busy seasons

Multiple Numbers for different campaigns that you keep for the life of the campaign

We have the solution for your problem

We understand businesses just like yours

We set up small businesses to become big businesses.

We’re proud to have helped thousands of small Aussie businesses get on their feet and become leaders in their field. Start-up businesses like yours all have unique offerings but usually face the same challenges. After many years of experience, we genuinely understand these setbacks and are here to help you tackle them.

At Zintel we offer you unlimited support which can make all the difference. We want to help you open up more opportunities for your business, maximise your resources and ensure you don’t lose your precious work/life balance. We can help you formulate a plan and learn from the experiences and success of the small businesses we’ve helped along the way.

Data & Insights
Professional Look
I have found Zintel is an affordable, easy option to manage our 1300 number. We have been able to change our settings easily as needed.
Deborah The Babes Project

Customer Since Jan 2016

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We allow you to get the most out of your number

Had no issues. I would recommend Zintel. Simple pricing structure and plans.

Jordan Zentori

Too often we speak with customers who are doing a great job but are missing important phone calls. Sound familiar? Missed calls really affect new businesses because in the early days you’re still building your reputation and relying on every sale.

Luckily the frustration of mixed calls is preventable and easy to fix with Zintel. We can make such a difference to your small business. With our knowledge, support and services, we’ll help you look big, feel professional and put an end to your calls going to your competitors.

Number Type
1300 Number
Call Features
Day Routing
State Routing
A consistent and reliable service that provides a great front end image to my business.
Sharon AchieverNet

Customer Since: April 2015

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Your Business Journey

We are here to help at every stage of your business


We'll help you start your business off on the right foot by enabling you to project the professional image of a larger business. Our call features will also give you the flexibility to work from anywhere while helping you maintain a work-life balance.


Getting serious? We'll help you advance your business by showing you what marketing is working and how you could be more efficient. When you start to manage multiple locations and employ more staff, we'll give you the tools to maintain a consistent, high quality customer experience.


We're the trusted business partner you can always rely on. Our team is on hand 24/7 to help you the minute you need us and we give you smart data insights with actionable improvements so you can stay on top of your game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a 1300 number cost?

There are no additional costs to get an Zintel 1300 Number from our shop. It comes inclusive with our plans, you can simply choose a number, plan and the number is yours. Depending on your plan, once you have your included minutes you will be charged additional depending on your answer point.

Are 1300 numbers free?

No, to obtain a 1300 number, you must purchase one of our Zintel plans where the number is included. Also, for your customers, it will cost them the same rate as a standard local call to call your 1300 number.

How to set up a 1300 Number?

Setting up your 1300 number is easy. Simply choose the number from our online store, choose your plan, setup your features and we will set it up for you within 1-2 days (for simple connections).

Are 1300 numbers free to call from mobiles?

No, the cost for calling a 1300 number from a mobile will be determined by the mobile phone service provider.

How to get 1300 phone number?

Getting a 1300 number with Zintel is easy. Simply visit our online store, choose your number, choose your plan and we will set you up within 1-2 days. Once setup is complete the number is yours.

If you wanted a specific number:  Go to the Numbering System and see if the number you had in mind if available. Once you purchase a number from The Numbering System, you can call us up on 1800 946 835 and our expert will help connect this number for you.

Are 1300 numbers toll free?

No, a 1300 number is not toll free, unlike an 1800 Number. Calling a 1300 number from a landline will cost your customers the same rate as a standard local call.

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