13 Numbers

Are you looking for a punchy phone number that makes your company memorable and easy to call Australia-wide?

Get the smart solution with a 13 Number

Forget long, confusing phone numbers that nobody can remember.
A 13 virtual number offers a smart, six-digit number guaranteed to lodge in your customers’ minds – one which is portable, flexible and easy to use across all your Australian branches.

Build in Zintel’s standard range of call management features, and your telecommunication needs are catered for.


Transfer existing number

We take the hassle out of switching your number!

  • Free bill analysis on your current rates
  • Customised plan
  • Setup your call features
  • No porting, switching or setup fees

13 Numbers at a glance

Boost your brand with a 13 number, a unique six-digit number where the caller is charged a local call rate from any fixed phone line in Australia.

Short and very easy to remember, a 13 number puts you ahead of your competitors in the battle for market share. Divert your 13 number to a range of answering points and enjoy the flexibility of Zintel’s complete call management solutions.

How can 13 numbers help your business?

  • With only six digits, they’re easy for customers to remember and pass on
  • They give your business the ultimate in a professional image
  • Customers can contact you from any fixed line in Australia and pay only the cost of a local call (fees apply for mobiles)
  • You can choose from a wide range of 13 numbers and phone words.

"Zintel is easy to deal
with and with just one
call I was able to setup
what we needed. They go
out of the box & find ways
to deliver something
as fast as they can."

Benjamin Juson,
CyberOne. Ph, Inc.

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What you get

  • Choose from a large pool of available 13 numbers for your business
  • Option to get a 13 phone word which spells your business name or a related term
  • Included call minutes to both landlines and mobiles
  • 12 free standard features to help you manage your business calls


To find out more about more about 13 numbers and how they can help your business, Get a Quote now.

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Why choose Zintel?

  • 24/7 Australian-based service desk
  • Australian-based customer service team
  • Add or remove services and features at any time
  • Zintel uses Tier 1 network services for maximum reliability
  • 24/7 access to the customer portal for account management and billing
  • No contracts, cancellation fees, set-up fees or porting fees


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What it costs?

  • You own the number: You get to keep your number, even if you leave
  • Convenient: Switching from another provider is easy with customised pricing
  • Flexible: Enjoy month-to-month billing (no long-term commitment)


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Pricing and Packages

Zintel offers a wide range of call plans compatible with your 13 number.
Our plans are easy to understand and simple without any surprises!

Benefits of a 13 Number

  • Be remembered: With only six digits to remember – two of those 13 – recall is a cinch
  • Boost your brand: Add a phone word and create a unique premium number
  • Raise your profile: Give the impression of a larger, more established company
  • Peg customer costs: Customers pay only cost of a local call (fees apply for mobiles)
  • Spread your reach: Let customers contact you from any fixed line in Australia
  • Take your pick: Choose from a wide selection of Zintel numbers and phone names
  • Customise your number: Create a bespoke, highly memorable smart number
  • Total call management: Get the most out of your 13 number with Zintel’s innovative options
  • Real flexibility: Keep your 13 number if you move or add interstate offices
  • Get virtual: Customise your greeting and send both fax and voicemail to multiple emails


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Choosing the right 13 number for your business

  • Let’s talk: Let us advise you on the best 13 number for your needs
  • Be creative: Choose a phone name based on your business, product or trade
  • Look for patterns: Select 13 number with numerical pattern or memorable sequence
  • Aim high: 13 numbers are numbers of choice for Australia’s top companies
  • Don’t break the budget: Choose a 13 number according to your business means


Not sure of your business needs? Request a Concierge and get expert advice on the best solution for your business.

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The benefits of 13 phone names

  • 13 phone names are premium, gold standard smart numbers
  • Be recognised instantly with a highly memorable phone name
  • Choose a bespoke name for your business, product or service
  • Select from a wide range of Zintel 13 phone names
  • Maximise the power and reach of your marketing campaigns


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How can your business take advantage of a 13 number phone name?

  • Maggie and Jim were anxious about opening new interstate branches of their cookbook company until they took on a 13 phone name. Now they have offices in Perth, Brisbane and Sydney and their 13 COOK IT smart number is generating significantly increased call traffic to all sites. They take full advantage of the call management features included in their Zintel plan, particularly customised greeting and call distribution to meet, greet and direct incoming calls.
  • Since getting a Zintel 13 phone name, Ronnie has grown in confidence and ambition. Seeing the difference his 13 DOGDAY number has made to the popularity of his boarding kennel, Ronnie routinely places ads in local newspapers, as well as occasional forays into TV and billboard marketing. Because his number is so instantly recognised, his bookings have more than doubled over twelve months.
  • Gary’s removal company was pipped by his competitors with just a mobile number on the side of his trucks. Now he displays 13 MOVE YOU on every vehicle, and new customers tell him they thought he was a big player, rather than a modest local business. They also tell him they’d never go back to a large company after experiencing his attention to detail and friendly, personal touch.


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Call Management features

Zintel’s 12 call management features will help you answer and route all your business
calls wherever you are – Office, Home or Travelling


Call Overflow

Prevents missed calls so you will never miss a customer or sales call again

Learn More



Respond quickly to key calls with voicemails recorded and emailed to you as audio files

Learn More


Call Forwarding

Answer your business calls on your mobile or landline wherever you are

Learn More


Call Announce

Tell your staff who is calling based on the number the caller has dialled

Learn More


State Routing

Send callers to the right place based on originating call's state and territory

Learn More


Online Data

View call activities that are logged including call date, time and duration

Learn More


Call Recording

Record your inbound calls and review them anytime to improve your business

Learn More


Time Routing

Maximise your resources by directing calls based on time of day

Learn More


Day Routing

Maximise your resources by directing calls based on the day of the week

Learn More


Customised Greeting

Give callers what they want. Let them select where they want to be routed

Learn More


Call Distribution

Optimise your call centres by splitting incoming calls based on rules you define

Learn More


Restricted Call Access

Protect your staff’s time by specifying which callers can reach your business

Learn More

Alison and Tim's story

Alison and Tim had just opened their fourth clothing company branch in another capital city, and were struggling to manage their ever-growing customer base. Taking on a 13 number was the turning point in streamlining their operations. They started with a professional, customised greeting, and used state-based routing to direct each call to the nearest office. Call reporting identified where calls were coming from, and those that were being missed. They were able to block nuisance callers and send voicemail messages to email at their busiest times.

Customers loved their easy-to-remember 13 number – with only four digits to recall, the number was not only remembered but quickly passed on by word of mouth to other potential customers.

Compare your options

Zintel offers a wide range of call plans compatible with your 13 number. You can rest assured our plans are easy to understand and simple without any surprises!

"Zintel's services met our immediate needs, but also importantly will help when our business expands. The service and support is excellent and equal to the products provided."
Michael Ingram, Maicom

Here’s a look at how easy it can be

Call Forwarding
1.Choose a Number
(toll free/local)

A customer dials your
toll free or local
business number

2.Greet Caller

greets customers with a
tailored message

Route calls anywhere
3.Route Calls

Zintel routes your call - to
your mobile, your
voicemail, colleagues, etc.

Receive voicemail as Email
4.Receive Voicemail
as Email

We convert the
message to audio and
send it to your email 

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