Local Virtual Numbers in Australia

Would you like a local phone number which is virtual, portable and able to give you a presence in multiple cities?

Give your business the local touch

A virtual phone number can give your business Australia-wide reach, however small you may be. Local virtual numbers – sometimes called national numbers or geo-numbers – are a terrific asset to any size business, creating a local presence in one or many cities.

Add on the multitude of Zintel’s standard call management features, and you have a comprehensive digital phone solution for your business.

Key Benefits of a Local Number

  • Catch that ‘local’ trade.
    Plenty of people are looking for a local business to service their needs. A local number has the benefit of catching the close-to-home customers as well as promoting an Australia-wide presence.
  • Do away with expensive new phone lines.
    A local number allows you to answer all incoming calls on your existing landline and mobile phones. No problem if your business moves or expands – it’s easy to redirect your virtual number.
  • Add, remove or change your numbers as you wish.
    Enjoy the flexibility of a plan with no minimum term and no cancellation fee. So you’re free to add extra local numbers when you’re business requires them, and cancel when they’re no longer needed.
  • Forget the headache of missed calls and sales leads.
    Local numbers make it easy to do business. Missed a call? You’ll receive a notification by email with a voicemail message or number of the caller. Never miss a hot sales opportunity again!
  • Power up your 1300 and 1800 numbers with a local number.
    You can use your local number as an ‘answering point’ for all calls to your 1300 and 1800 numbers. Add Zintel call management features such as, call overflow and routing, and voice-to-email for a complete phone solution.
  • A local number is a great alternative for mobile and overseas callers.
    Use your local virtual number as a useful alternative to your 1300 and 1800 numbers for mobile and overseas callers, and answer them on the same phone.

Local Numbers at a glance

Your local virtual number can be forwarded to any existing landline or mobile number, requiring no extra hardware or expensive phone line installation. It allows your small business to look big, creating a local presence in many cities even if you are firmly anchored in just one.

Take the step towards a virtual office by adding Zintel’s suite of call management features, powering up your local number.

How can local numbers help your business?
  • Appeal to callers looking for a local business
  • Establish a presence in multiple cities from a single base
  • Enjoy complete flexibility with no minimum contract or cancellation fees
  • Add and remove numbers as you need them – quickly and easily
  • Add call distribution and forwarding, voice-to-email and customised greeting

"Zintel have been
fantastic, we have had
nothing to worry about
and I often forget we are
even using a third party
provider. This is great
as it means a seamless
service offering."

Thomas Amos,

What you get


  • Choose a local 02, 03, 07, 08 phone number
  • Forward your calls to any landline or mobile number
  • Included call minutes to both landlines and mobiles
  • 12 free standard features to help you manage your business calls

Why choose Zintel?

  • 24/7 Australian-based fault service
  • Australian-based customer service
  • Add or remove services and features at any time
  • Zintel uses Tier 1 network services for maximum reliability
  • 24/7 access to the customer portal for account management and billing
  • No contracts, cancellation fees, set-up fees or porting fees

Confused about what your business needs? Request a Concierge and get expert advice for your business now.

What it costs?

Convenient: Switching from another provider is easy

Flexible: Enjoy month-to-month billing (no long-term commitment)

Risk free: No contract, no obligation 

Pricing and Packages

Zintel offers a wide range of call plans compatible with your local phone number.
Our plans are easy to understand and simple, without any surprises!

Call Management features

Zintel’s 12 call management features will help you answer and route all your business
calls wherever you are – Office, Home or Travelling


Call Overflow

Prevents missed calls so you will never miss a customer or sales call again

Learn More



Respond quickly to key calls with voicemails recorded and emailed to you as audio files

Learn More


Call Forwarding

Answer your business calls on your mobile or landline wherever you are

Learn More


Call Announce

Tell your staff who is calling based on the number the caller has dialled

Learn More


State Routing

Send callers to the right place based on originating call's state and territory

Learn More


Online Data

View call activities that are logged including call date, time and duration

Learn More


Call Recording

Record your inbound calls and review them anytime to improve your business

Learn More


Time Routing

Maximise your resources by directing calls based on time of day

Learn More


Day Routing

Maximise your resources by directing calls based on the day of the week

Learn More


Customised Greeting

Give callers what they want. Let them select where they want to be routed

Learn More


Call Distribution

Optimise your call centres by splitting incoming calls based on rules you define

Learn More


Restricted Call Access

Protect your staff’s time by specifying which callers can reach your business

Learn More

How Zintel helped Sarah

Sarah decided to use a local number as a way of streamlining her design company’s telecommunications. It’s totally compatible with her existing phone number so she can answer all calls on her existing phone lines without the need for expensive installations. She can direct her inbound local number to multiple phones of her choosing, including landline, mobile and live answering service.

She took advantage of her local number’s flexibility by adding in call forwarding and overflow, voice-to- email features and customised greeting.

"On each occasion that I speak to Zintel I am given great customer service and useful information that I did not previously know. Both my husband and I are impressed by the efficient and informative service that we have both receive when dealing with Zintel.”
Michelle Ossipow, Bravo Health

Here’s a look at how easy it can be

Call Forwarding
1.Choose a Number
(toll free/local)

A customer dials your
toll free or local
business number

2.Greet Caller

greets customers with a
tailored message

Route calls anywhere
3.Route Calls

Zintel routes your call - to
your mobile, your
voicemail, colleagues, etc.

Receive voicemail as Email
4.Receive Voicemail
as Email

We convert the
message to audio and
send it to your email 

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