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What type of number do I need?


Inbound Numbers

Zintel has the business number you need

Inbound numbers are the fastest, smartest way to get an edge as a small business. They are virtual business phone numbers that connect to your existing local or mobile numbers. You’d recognise them as 1800 numbers, 1300 numbers, 13 numbers, and Phone Words like 1800 ZINTEL but you may not recognise the potential they can unlock for your business.

1300 Number

Perfect for
Small to Medium Business

Boost your business and enhance your image with a 1300 number. It means your customers can contact you from anywhere in Australia for the mere cost of a local call.

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1800 Number

for Sales Leads

Make it even easier for your customers to reach you with a 1800 number. Your customers won’t pay a cent to ring you which makes you more approachable.

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Smart Numbers

for Advertising & Marketing

Smart Numbers are 13, 1300 or 1800 numbers followed by a word that’s unique to your business. They make it easier to for your customers to remember your number.

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Local Virtual Number

Perfect for
Local Presence

Get a local presence with a Local Virtual Number. You can forward your local number to any mobile or landline number with no extra hardware required.

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NZ Toll Free Numbers

Have an NZ number so that your NZ customers can reach you.

Connect more easily with your customers in New Zealand with a NZ Toll Free Number. Your customers won’t pay a cent to call you and you’ll never miss a call.

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International Numbers

Perfect for
International businesses

The world is your oyster with an International Toll Free Number. You can expand your reach to multiple countries and open up new potential markets

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How Inbound Numbers Work

Business Call Management made easy

Easily make your Toll Free Number work the way your business needs it to

Toll Free Numbers are numbers that can be used anywhere, regardless of geography (unlike a fixed phone line). Inbound calls to these numbers are then directed to a Full National Number (FNN), for example 02 9876 5432, or a Mobile Service Number (MSN), for example 0400 345 678. These numbers are called the Answer Points.

Choosing the right solution can be complex.
Let us help you through it all!

Benefits of a Toll Free Number

Your phone number is a big opportunity
Project the image of the business you want to become

Be on the go

It’s tough out there. An Zintel inbound number will work for you 24 hours a day marketing your business and managing your calls

Advertise the number Australia wide

Use one national inbound number or a range of local numbers. Whatever you choose, one number will go up – the number of leads you receive.

Toll Free Number Experts

When you order through Zintel, you own the number for life. Be at ease knowing you’ll never have to change your business phone number, and all the stationery that goes with it.

Be on the go

When you buy an inbound number through Zintel, you can instantly improve your business with our included call features.

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See how your business can benefit

Call management feature

Features that will change your business

You can still present a professional image to your customers, even if you’re a small business. Our powerful call features will get you there. Give your business the ultimate freedom and flexibility to never miss a lead again.

Our team maximises what your business can do

No Contracts. No Hidden fees. No regrets. It’s your call.

Small businesses don’t need setbacks. That’s why we are 100% upfront with our costs.

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Choosing the right solution can be complex.
Let us help you through it all!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an inbound number cost?

There are no additional costs to get an Zintel Inbound Number from our shop. It comes inclusive with our plans, you can simply choose a number, plan and the number is yours. Depending on your plan, once you have your included minutes you will be charged additional depending on your answerpoint.

How to get inbound phone number?

Getting an inbound number with Zintel is easy. Simply visit our online store, choose your number, choose your plan and we will set you up within 1-2 days. Once setup is complete the number is yours.

If you wanted a specific number:  Go to the Numbering System and see if the number you had in mind if available. Once you purchase a number from The Numbering System, you can call us up on 1800 946 835 and our expert will help connect this number for you.

How to set up an Inbound Number?

Setting up your inbound number is easy. Simply choose the number from our online store, choose your plan, setup your features and we will set it up for you within 1-2 days (for simple connections).

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